Why am I this way?

Who am I?

What did I do to deserve this?

Am I appreciated?

Am I loved?

You were a part of me.

I was a piece of you.

Why did you leave me?

What did I do to you?

Who are you?

I don’t know who you are.

Is my life falling apart now?

It’s already apart. It has fallen.

I am separated.

I am gone.

No more.

I am no one.

I am me.

I’m glad you left.

I’m okay now.

For now.

This is new.

This is old.

This is new.

Hello again, old friend.

I cared for you.

You cared for me.

It wasn’t right.

Goodbye again.

Am I appreciated?

I am appreciated.

Am I loved?

I am loved.

I am love.

You love me.

I love you too.

You know me.

I know you.

I am yours now.

You are mine.

We are love.

Why am I this way?

What have I done?

What have I done.

Who am I?

I am love.

I am depression.

I am anxiety.

I am pain.

I am love.

Is this love?

This is love.

‘This is love’ is a collection of over 250 images taken over the course of years past and time present. A candid study of my life, love lost, love gained, depression, anxiety, coping with loss and hardships, who I am, who I was, who I will become. Myself.

Full project available as a limited print book. Email for details.